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We have the resources and transparency to be an extension of your design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution teams. Let us be your EMS resource.

Why You Should Choose Alternative Manufacturing Inc

A message from our chairman
A message from our chairman


Made in Maine, USA

Having a US based company working for you in the Northeast, has some key benefits. We are close enough to visit anytime. We are in a cost competitive labor market. We take pride in our Yankee Ingenuity to solve the most complex of problems.


100% Employee-Owned

As an ESOP, each employee-owner, owns the process and the products we touch every day. Every employee-owner in the company is thinking “if we help our customers grow, we will grow with them”


Lean Manufacturing

AMI has built a truly realistic lean process; this allows us to build the theoretical perfect lot size of a single part. We don’t just talk about it, we live it every day. Taking the waste out of the process is what we do, thus reducing cost to you.


Cost reduction Process

AMI has for many years, worked with start-ups and mature project builds. Our team has successfully saved our partners significant cost by evaluating every step of the process and product – what can we do for you?



AMI believes in 100% transparent pricing. We see each of our customers as a true business partner, and thus we have an open book pricing policy. Yes, we want your business, but more so we also want to earn your trust as a partner.


Ease of working with AMI

As our partner, we encourage your team to come visit our facility and meet the 100 owners of AMI. We live these two main points every day; “EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS” and “A LITTLE BETTER EVERYDAY”, this is evident in the long-term customer relationships we carry.


Competitive manufacturing

We have confidence in that for many projects, “Made in USA” is the most cost competitive solution. We also recognize that maintaining cost competitiveness requires our team to work smarter and responsively. You will be a part of every step of the process, if we can reduce cost – the savings will be shared with you.


product development

AMI has a close relationship with many of the top “Incubators” located within the Northeast. As such, we possess a deep knowledge base on how to take these start-ups from product inception, to volume manufacturing.

PCB Assembly

AMI’s PCB Assembly capabilities are wide ranging and offer you a true “one stop shop”. For over 30 years, we have been building products that range from simple thru-hole technology, all the way up through a complex double sided SMT assembly, including mixed technologies on the same board. Our process is built around lean manufacturing methodologies; meaning we cut out the waste. Our engineering and production teams are well versed at understanding what the customer wants, and how to achieve those results needed on each assembly. So, whether it is a single unit or thousands per week, we want to meet you, review your requirements, and see how we can work together to build a lasting relationship.

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Box Build

Since its inception, AMI has always seen itself as a support mechanism for clients who need more than just a PCBA. Our factory and its 100 employee-owners strive to provide each client a full-service plan so to speak. We want you to be able to get it ‘all in one place” – thus we offer full box build. This entails not only building you the PCBA, but installing it into its housing, wiring up a harness, connecting peripherals on the box, installing power modules, providing software loads or specified testing. Whatever the whole package consists of, we want to see it, and help with its build. AMI prides itself in working with small to large companies on their entire build. Come visit us, bring your ideas, drawings, and project units – let’s discuss how we can make your success even better.

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As a one stop shop for PCB Assembly (PCBA) and/or System level Box Build, AMI has you covered. Our capabilities include everything you need under one roof: whether that be purchasing of PCBs, Components, Hardware, Cables etc… we have the right team in place to hunt down what you are looking for. Our manufacturing process is purposely built to handle a large variety of technologies, from placing 0201 package to a .30mm device on one of our 11 pick-and-place machines, to thru-hole assembly of components on one of our lines within a cell. AMI handles all your needs including cable builds, ultrasonic welding, e-testing, environmental, software loading to finished packaging. We invite you to challenge us with your project needs.

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High Praise From People Who Have Worked With Us

Let us be your NPI resource

Our team is built to support your start-up needs! Let AMI guide you through those difficult first steps of taking your project, from inception to full scale production.