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We have the resources and transparency to be an extension of your design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution teams. Let us be your EMS resource.

Alternative Manufacturing Inc, or AMI as we are known, is one of New England’s best resources for your Electronic Contract Manufacturing needs. AMI has been supporting its customers since 1989 at its facility in Winthrop, Maine and with its prototype shop in Somerville, Massachusetts. We serve a wide range of clients throughout the USA, Canada, and Europe in such markets as; Medical, Industrial, Green Technologies, Robotics and Mil/Aero.

Box Build:

AMI’s breadth of manufacturing services such as coatings, encapsulation, and cable & wire harness assembly, can support a broad range of subassembly and system integration requirements. We have a proven track record on box build projects ranging from small ultrasonic-welded diagnostic devices to large electromechanical industrial cabinets. Our Winthrop, Maine facility includes expansion space capable of supporting large footprint system integration projects. Including:

Electromechanical Assembly

Small scale to large systems – AMI can take this process on so that you’re only dealing with a single source point of contact

Cable & Harness Assembly

Either made on premises or contracted with a Partner, AMI can offer a UL Certified cable build process as part of the Box Build

Ultrasonic welding capabilities

Specific tooling is required

Encapsulation & Potting

Various compounds including silicone, urethanes & acrylics

Functional and Environmental Testing

Electrical, Thermal, Salt, and other testing services are offered

Software and Data Load

AMI also offers Program Management, Supply Chain Management as well as Post Manufacturing Services such as distribution.

Like owning your own Contact Manufacturing Process – without the cost…

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Let us be your NPI resource

Our team is built to support your start-up needs! Let AMI guide you through those difficult first steps of taking your project, from inception to full scale production.